Get Rid of Foot Corns and Calluses Before Warm Weather Arrives

Treatment for Corns and CallusesWarm weather is coming and your tootsies need to be in excellent condition to pull off the hottest looks. Unfortunately right now, they’re literally a train wreck waiting to happen. You’ve got foot corns and calluses, not to mention ratty cuticles and discolored nails.

What to do, what to do? We know, try these great podiatrist approved tips and get rid of those problems before the sun shines:

Soak your feet for 30 minutes then rub those softened calluses away with a sanitized pumice stone. Skip the callus shaver, metal rasp and acidic pads, especially if you have peripheral neuropathy. In the wrong hands, they have a tendency to be harsh on the skin and can cause nasty cuts as well as serious foot infections.

Before going to bed each night, treat your feet to a moisturizer. Slather one on and then cover your tootsies with clean, cotton socks. Otherwise, the moisturizer is apt to end up all over the bed sheets and your bedroom slippers not to mention the bathroom floor. Good choices are creams that contain vitamin E or non-acidic, prescription corn medications.

Reduce the amount of pressure on your feet as often as possible, even if it means buying some new things. After all, having healthy feet and feeling comfort are well worth the investment. Put gel floor pads down at work and change your footwear. Ask your podiatrist about shoes with built-in dells as well as moleskin, felt pads and orthotics.

Check yourself in the mirror and watch how you walk. Take steps to improve your posture and keep the weight placed onto your feet during everyday activities on an even keel. If necessary, see a specialist and ask about therapy that may improve your body’s mechanics overall.

Finally, consider having a licensed podiatrist remove the remaining foot corns and calluses for you. In 99.9% of the cases, this type of work is performed in podiatry offices and won’t keep people from resuming their normal activities. For information about making an appointment, please click here.

You can Fix your Corns & Calluses on your Feet

Treatment for Corns and CallusesCorn and calluses are thick layers of dead skin that normally develop on your feet and toes. They are caused by excessive friction or pressure often from ill-fitting, tight shoes. Another cause is due to frequent, repetitive motions such as running that cause friction between the bones, skin and shoes. There are different ways to treat these embarrassing foot conditions. Here are just some of the proven methods at treating them.

One method is investing in surgery. This is a necessary option for removing stubborn corns, but it is rare. However, if your corns and calluses are not relieved by periodic shaving, shoe inserts or padding, this option is the way to go.

Another option is treating your corns and calluses yourself. You could do this by soaking your feet in warm water. After drying your feet, rub them gently with a pumice stone. Moisturize them with a good foot lotion. Repeat every day or every few days as needed.

Here is a natural remedy for treating corns that looks interesting. Place a raisin on top of the corn and hold it in place with a band-aid. The raisin will soften the corn and serve as a cushion to reduce pressure on the sensitive spot. You could find this idea here.

The last option in treating these foot conditions is seeing a foot specialist, or a podiatrist. If your corn or callus makes it hard for you to even walk, you may want to consider this option. A podiatrist may suggest special padding or shoe inserts that could relieve some of the stress on your feet. However, if your corn or callus is painful, he may just shave it away.
Getting rid of foot corns & calluses isn’t easy, but with a lot of effort it can be accomplished. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes as much as possible. For more information on corns and calluses, visit

Foot Corns & Calluses Can Cramp Your Lifestyle

Treatment for Corns and CallusesThere is a rumor that calluses actually got the name from the famous ancient Roman scientist and medical writer Aulus Cornelius Celsus. Whether this is true or not, it is a fact that during your lifetime you will have walked enough to travel around the Earth at least three times. It is also true that when walking each time your heel lifts off the ground it forces the toes to carry one half of your body weight. Which means your feet are probably bound for a corn or callus or two.

Corns and calluses share the same pathology. They are both hardened areas of skin, or hyperkeratosis, caused by pressure. While a callus is thick, flat and diffuse, a corn will be more local, conical and possibly surrounded by inflammation. Typically a corn will be located on a toe and a callus on the ball of the foot.

Both corns and calluses are considered a defense mechanism of the body. That particular area of skin hardens because it is constantly being irritated. It may be from an abnormal gait, ill fitting shoes or repetitive type occupations.

Many people find corns and calluses to be no big deal. However, for some they are a cosmetic concern, and if it is painful or if blood develops under the callus it is time for a visit to a Missouri foot doctor. It means the deeper layers of tissue and nerves are being irritated and this could cause further issues.

Typically treatment consists of using salicylic acid to soften the area and then hygienic trimming. A Missouri podiatrist will talk with you to determine what the underlying issue is that formed the corn or callus and take steps to prevent it in the future. If this step isn’t done, and the pressure isn’t taken off the area the corn or callus is always going to return.

If you find yourself troubled by a corn or callus, call one of our Missouri foot clinics today.